Shane English School Franchising

A Long History of Excellence

Shane English Schools have operated in one or more countries for over forty years now, and we’re hoping that you’re part of our next forty years! We’ve taught hundreds of thousands of students in dozens of countries over the past three generations. Join the Shane family and be a part of history.

Age-Appropriate Programs for a Lifetime of Learning

Students of all ages and abilities are welcome at Shane English School. There are programs available for students at any point on their learning journey to achieve their goals. Whether its a book from our own Saxoncourt Publishing or a hand-picked text from another publisher, Shane English School can support you and your students.

Time-Tested English Curriculum

Shane English School teaching materials have stood the test of time, but that doesn’t stop us from also developing new programs with modern media and up-to-date methodologies. The Shane curriculum builds on the past to give its learners better futures.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

At Shane English School our young learners have the opportunity to take part in special events, including speech contests, spelling bees, sports camps, and other annual activities. The community spirit developed through these activities helps motivate students to make English a natural part of their daily lives. In addition, Shane English School offers popular short courses that meet seasonal demands, particularly during the summer and winter vacation periods.

Teacher Recruitment

Saxoncourt Recruitment specialises in finding and placing highly qualified educators in your schools. Saxoncourt has an extensive network of systems used to find the right candidate for any individual school. With a focus on energetic native-speaking teachers with TEFL qualifications, all teachers hired through Saxoncourt Recrutment can hit the ground running.

Teacher Training

With an ever-growing library of teacher training and development, Shane English School takes well-qualified educators and prepares them for the necessary systems and 

A Global Brand

Because we are an international organisation, we can offer students study opportunities beyond their home country. Students become part of a global network and many enjoy our Study Abroad programs through Shane Global, which is our brand of English schools in countries where English is the native language. Students stay with Shane to take advantage of these international opportunities.