Outside English Lessons

Learn English from the convenience of your own office, school, or home where teachers deliver customised English lessons.

Shane English School provides flexible English language training to businesses, schools and individuals based on our clients’ needs. Our biggest asset is the utilisation of professional TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) qualified teachers who will deliver high-quality, practical English lessons on your own premises.

After training, you will be able to use English confidently in situations you have specified.

Here’s how our customised English programmes work:

  1. You communicate what you or your organisation needs
  2. We design the most appropriate English training system for you and create a syllabus and lesson plans
  3. The appropriate English training materials are selected
  4. An appropriate teacher is selected
  5. The contract is signed
  6. Oral and written level-checks are analysed
  7. English classes are taught and progress is monitored
  8. End-of-term performance evaluations are given
  9. Our English courses for adults emphasise the practice of English in realistic contexts and provide students with a solid language foundation and ample opportunities for speaking.

Shane English School’s outside lessons are the most most convenient way to learn English.

What to Expect from Outside Lessons

  • Outside English Lessons may be in kindergartens, elementary schools, high schools, company offices, or in private homes

  • 100% qualified, professional and knowledgeable native English teachers

  • Textbooks and other materials can be combined and adapted

  • English Lessons and syllabus based on your requirements

  • Needs analysis and regular class evaluations are provided to make sure your English learning is on the right track

  • English tests designed specifically for you

  • End of term performance evaluation for all students

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