Teaching Methods

The PPP Method of Language Learning

Shane English School’s SPEC series is based on the PPP Method.


Teacher-centred learning

In Shane English School’s curriculum, teachers introduce students to a natural, easily-understandable situations that demonstrate the target language in use.

Each presentation includes one grammar point.

Teachers help students understand the meaning, structure, and pronunciation of the target language.


Teacher-guided activities

Students practise the new grammar.

Drilling helps the students develop accuracy with structure and pronunciation.

Also using the target language in a game reinforces understanding. It helps with fluency and confidence, and it’s fun and motivating for students.


Student-centred use of concepts

Production helps the students use the new language in a natural way.

Shane English School often uses games, presentations, role-play, quizzes, and language play in the production phase. It makes the learning process fun.

PPP Method in a Nutshell

  • Presentation: Showing students the target language.
  • Practice: Helping students use the target language as part of an activity.
  • Production: Having students use the target language by themselves.

The ESA Method of Language Learning

The ESA Method is a useful tool in teaching high-level concepts to more advanced students with the EXCEL series.


Generating interest

Teachers drive interest through participation.

Engagement includes any activities that help students generate interest, especially on topics relevant to students’ own situations like food, fashion, school, and the environment.

Activities could include discussion, compare-and-contrast exercises, miming/acting, and more.


Learning through discovery

Students actively seek answers and examples in texts.

Study materials include example conversations, essays, and other written materials, though listening and speaking study could come from audio sources.

Students get the freedom to use language with light guidance and more emphasis on language-in-use.


Use the language

Students use the target language to complete tasks and participate in activities.

Activating allows the language learners to further reinforce their new knowledge, while the teacher can assess their understanding and adapt to students’ needs.

This phase also promotes the use of real-world language that is useful outside of a classroom setting.

ESA Method in a Nutshell

  • Engage: Interesting the students with the subject at hand.
  • Study: Giving students the tools to find the answers.
  • Activate: Allowing learners the chance to use new target language.

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