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Shane English School in Shanghai Public Schools

POSTED ON July 12th  - POSTED IN News

Shane English School in Shanghai Public Schools 1Shane English Shanghai has been running a very successful English program in Shanghai’s Changning District for several years. The program combines the best of ESL methodologies to deliver fun and engaging lessons to students. At present, the program focuses on grades 1 to 5 and the main emphasis is speaking practice. Foreign teachers work closely with their Chinese counterparts to ensure that students get a well-rounded education.

Shane English School in Shanghai Public Schools 2Each school in the program is typically assigned one or two teachers, depending on class load. A normal work week (Monday to Friday – 8am to 4pm) consists of 20 teaching hours and 20 preparation hours. Classes are usually 35 to 40 minutes long. As an essential part of the school body, teachers take part in all school activities, such as Sports Days and other extramural activities. The program offers teachers a lot of support, from the initial training to detailed teaching materials, as well as follow-up observations and feedback sessions.

Teachers really enjoy working in this program and tend to re-sign for at least an additional year. Students look forward to these classes all day because they are different from their usual classes. Students are encouraged to be creative and do activities in their text book mixed in with some fun games, songs, etc.

The success of this program led multiple teacher training workshops with the Chinese English teachers. The workshops covered Teaching Methodology, English Salons, Intensive English Practice and Western Culture.  We have learned a great deal from running this program and hope to improve and expand it in the years to come.

Shane English School Vietnam: A Day at the Zoo

POSTED ON June 27th  - POSTED IN News

Shane English School Vietnam Zoo 1

Shane English Centre Vietnam broke with normal routines for two weekends to take groups of students to the zoo. Students, teaching assistants, and teachers, bright green in the Shane livery, had a chance to communicate in English outside of the classroom, spend some quality time together, and create shared experiences that will fuel classroom conversations for weeks to come.

Shane English Schools Vietnam Zoo 3Saigon Zoo and Botanical Gardens was commissioned by French admiral Pierre de la Grandiere in 1864, and is notable for its picturesque canopy of aged trees, its central location, and its extensive collection of animals, including tigers, crocodiles, and rhinos.

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Shane English Schools Thailand Opens School Number Six!

POSTED ON May 26th  - POSTED IN News

Shane English Schools ThailandSchool Six Shane Schools Thailand is pleased to announce the opening of our 6th school at the Harbor Mall in Pattaya. This is our second location in Pattaya, and we’re excited to offer quality British English education at the biggest family entertainment complex in ASEAN.

Expanding on their Chonburi City prototype, Managing Director Thanapon Piromplat and General Manager Thanya Nutthawutthisit envisioned an atmosphere which fosters a family-friendly feeling, while accommodating our increasing student enrollment. The school includes 5 classrooms, a level check room, a teacher’s room, and a dedicated business English classroom. Interestingly, each classroom is named after a British historical landmark, which strongly promotes students’ interest in British culture and language.

During the opening, Thanapon and Thanya were busy as they promoted the school and educated parents and students on the Shane experience. Assistant School Directors Khwannate and Wanlapa were their energetic selves, keeping students entertained as they awaited their demonstration class to begin. It was a lot of fun to interact with the students as they learned about primary colours. Moreover, it was entertaining to see them running around and having fun with the colour game, as they hoped to be the first student to touch the correct colour!

The grand opening was a complete success and was conducted over the course of two days. During this time, over 70 level checks were conducted! To my surprise, our student composition consists of students from all over the word, including Thailand, Korea, and Japan.

It was a great honour to be a part of such a special day, and we hope to do it again very soon!

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New Saxoncourt Affiliate in Edinburgh!

POSTED ON April 27th  - POSTED IN News

caledonian-language-school-saxoncourtThe Caledonian Language School Ltd in Edinburgh, Scotland, is delighted to join the Saxoncourt Group. Working towards closer integration in the next two years, this is currently a joint venture between Shane Global Language Centres, ME Learning Hong Kong and the Caledonian. For continuity during the transition, the school’s Principal, Vivienne Taylor, is continuing in post for the next two years. “I’m really looking forward to being part of a larger group of English Language Schools. Partnering with Saxoncourt/Shane Schools is a great opportunity for the school in Edinburgh to develop and grow.”

The Caledonian has mainly adult students on its year-round courses and offers them a friendly and supportive environment in which to improve their English or work towards a Cambridge or IELTS exam. Summer courses are open to adults, or younger students aged 16-18, or closed groups of teenagers 14-16. 

Edinburgh is a cultural and historical capital, as well as being one of most beautiful cities in the world. And with 4 universities and a large FE college, it’s a great student city.

Celebrating Twenty Years with Shane English Schools Taiwan

POSTED ON April 27th  - POSTED IN News

pc3-mr-chiu-shane-lipscombePanchiao 3 is now Taiwan’s longest running Shane English School franchise. The owners, Mr. Chiu and Ms. Wu, were invited into corporate office to meet with founder Shane Lipscombe and be recognized for their long dedication to English education in Taiwan.

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Mr. Chiu opened the school twenty years ago as a tribute to his English professor in university. Since then, he has established Panchiao 3 as a pillar of his community. Students from this school excel academically, ranking well on English-language examinations and competitions. 

What sets this school apart from others, however, is its focus on students’ characters as much as their English abilities and test scores. Mr. Chiu describes his four principles of teaching as Appreciation, Trust, Responsibility, and Honour. 

Appreciation: The school itself is an exercise in the appreciation Mr. Chiu has for his university professor, Dr Snyder. The spirit of thanksgiving is present at all levels of the Panchiao 3 experience.

Trust: The school actively fosters trust with the students and families of students to assure quality education. The result is long-term students and a stable learning environment.

Responsibility: The teachers and support staff at Panchiao 3 accept their responsibility as a formative force in students’ lives, and they take this role very seriously.

Honour: Students are encouraged to excel, and their accomplishments are honoured by school staff, fellow students, and students’ families.

Mr. Chiu and Ms. Wu are excellent examples of their four principles outside of the classroom. To ensure the continued education of existing students, Panchiao 3 has special programs for families who have fallen on hard times. The school’s community involvement is such that the school has become a touchstone in the Panchiao area of New Taipei City. 

The school’s future remains as bright as its past. While the original students have grown up and moved on to adult life, the school remains to teach a bright new generation. Already, many students have gone on to academic and financial success both at home in Taiwan and abroad in the rest of the world. At Saxoncourt Group and Shane English Schools, it is clear that Panchiao 3’s well-deserved reputation for excellence will continue for a long time to come.

Click here for more information about Shane English School franchising or general inquiriesTo hear Mr. Chiu talk about his school in his own words, please see the video below:




Announcement: New Mailing Lists

POSTED ON April 15th  - POSTED IN News

elearningThe Saxoncourt Group has recently implemented new mailing lists called the Shane Gazette. Each mailing list serves a specific purpose, though each provides additional information to franchisors and their employees.

The Shane Gazette: Teachers’ Edition includes teaching tips and professional development for educators. It is meant for teachers, but franchisors and managers can benefit from this list by learning more about the education industry to better understand their employees’ best practices. This newsletter is sent out once every two weeks.

The Shane Gazette: Staff Edition is more of a traditional newsletter, providing news and updates about the Saxoncourt Group. As the Saxoncourt Group is a multi-national company, it can be difficult to get information about counterparts in other countries. The Shane Gazette solves this problem by providing group-wide updates in a single common language. This newsletter benefits franchisors by including examples of successful strategies and practices in other regions that can serve as inspiration.

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Exciting News from Shane English Schools Thailand!

POSTED ON April 15th  - POSTED IN News

Shane English Schools Thailand are happy to announce the opening of their “Shane Business English & Study Abroad Center.” According to Thailand managing director, Thanapon Piromplat, the center will be used for attracting corporate customers, as well as selling Shane Global and other study abroad services. The manager of this branch is Ninja Nattaya.



Shane English Schools Thailand are also happy to report that building has begun on the first Shane English International Kindergarten in Pattaya, Thailand. The kindergarten is scheduled to begin offering toddler-level classes this fall, and a full three-year program in 2017. We are very excited about the prospect of growing the Shane International Kindergarten brand worldwide. Great start, Shane Thailand!


Making headlines in Wales: Nanteos’ newest literary credentials.

POSTED ON March 10th  - POSTED IN News

nanteos-haunted-mansion-2016Nanteos Mansion, said to be one of the most haunted houses in the whole of Wales, was the setting of Waterstones Aberystwyth’s literary dinner. Author Jane Blank, whose book, The Shadow of Nanteos, was chosen as Waterstones’ Welsh Book of the Month for November was the evening’s special guest. Jane is pictured next to Shane Lipscombe below.

The Shadow of Nanteos, the first in a two-part series by Blank, is a historical love story based on the real lives of the Powell family of Nanteos mansion in Ceredigion during the 1750s.

During the literary dinner, guests were given wine and a two course meal along with an opportunity to meet and ask questions of author Jane Blank before exploring the house and its fascinating history, giving depth to the novel.

To read the news article in full, please click here:

Cambrian News 18 Feb 2016

Excel! New Books from Saxoncourt Publishing

POSTED ON January 18th  - POSTED IN News

saxoncourt-publishing-excelSaxoncourt Publishing is pleased to announce that a new series of English learning materials is now ready. 

Excel is a four-level intermediate English course for secondary and elementary school students, and will replace the Mega series used in Taiwan. Each level consists of a Student’s Book, a Workbook, a comprehensive Teacher’s Manual, CDs, and Tests. Course Guides, Workbook Answer Keys and Flashcards can be downloaded from the Shane Courses Library on the Shane Server.

The Excel series has been written and designed to:
• broaden vocabulary, teaching not only key nouns, verbs and adjectives, but also functional words needed for natural, fluent communication.
• present new grammar patterns, covering all tenses and aspects at CEF B1 level, and review grammar taught in elementary English courses.
• develop the four language skills: reading, writing, listening and speaking.
• develop natural pronunciation.
• help young English learners move beyond the practice of set question and answer patterns and challenge them to freely use English in problem-solving, critical-thinking and communicative activities.

Here are the Excel release dates:

Excel 1now available!
Excel 2: March 1st 2016.
Excel 3: May 1st 2016.
Excel 4: July 1st 2016.

Shane Donates NT$100,000 at Charity Fundraising Event at the British Chamber of Commerce, Taipei

POSTED ON January 18th  - POSTED IN News

shane-xmas-csr-2015The Christmas Charity Auction & Luncheon is a British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei annual charity fundraising event. It was attended by Saxoncourt Corporate Office and other members of the local and international business community. Attendees got the chance to meet with Father Christmas as well as bid for items in the auction. 

Two thirds of net proceeds from the auction were donated to the annual charity fund, and Shane Lipscombe also donated a further NT$100,000.

For more information on the chosen charities, visit:

sos salvationarmytw