English for Life with Shane English School

English Very Young Learners

Our English kindergarten classes have specially trained staff who are equipped to handle the needs of very young learners to ensure a safe and productive learning environment. Find out more about our English courses for kindergartners!

English for Young Learners

English is an indispensable tool for achieving your child’s dreams. Our world-class English schools have guided the English studies of future scientists, politicians, and business people for four decades. Find out more about our English courses for children!


English for Teens

Our English courses for teenagers teach real-world topics and real-life functions and have a strong international focus, which prepares students for success at university. Find out more about our English courses for teenagers!

Why Learn English with Shane?

Find out why you should learn English with Shane English School, one of the world’s premier language learning organisations.

Digital Learning Tools

In the Digital Age, there are more options than ever for language learners. Shane English School has its own digital learning tools, starting with the Shane Spelling Bee app.

The Shane Spelling Bee app is designed to mimic live spelling bees and give Shane English School students worldwide another way to practice vocabulary and spelling.

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Teaching at Shane English School


Teaching Methods

Shane English Schools uses time-tested teaching methods – with constant adjustments for the latest updates – to teach English to students worldwide.

Teaching Materials

Shane English Schools use textbooks from its own Saxoncourt Publishing. All books have been designed to best utilise established methods.

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